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W Today’s world is changing rapidly. The challenges for companies and organizations, active in commodities in general and coffee in particular, are more diverse than ever. Only the ones, that act foresighted and sustainable at the same time, will succeed in the market. WhyCom and its customers are working jointly in order to successfully manage the challenges of our times. To do so, we are acting globally – across all branches and all activity fields. Consequently, the WhyCom Team is set up internationally and is able to support customers in solving almost any given problem, regardless of its complexity.

H The center of this result-oriented consultancy is built upon the competence and experience of Wolfgang Heinricy, the founder of WhyCom. In over 30 Years of top management and advisory functions, he has aggregated superior knowledge and an ocean full of experience. Wolfgang Heinricy has been the CEO of Bernhard Rothfos for 25 years. Lately, he guided Louis Dreyfus Commodity in restructuring and developing the marketing side of their business as Global Head of Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Sustainability in Coffee. As President of the German – and European Coffee Association for more than a decade, he strongly influenced the development of the green coffee Business in Europe and beyond. During his active time, in this highly speculative, but exciting commodity, he has seen and experienced everything. As such, his personal work and involvement not only molded companies into becoming a brand but also made him a brand of his own. In order to be able to solve our customer’s problems, WhyCom applies its profound portfolio of innovative and proven-in-practice instruments and methods. Most of them were developed by Wolfgang Heinricy himself, thus they are an integral part of our distinctive brand.

Y True to our own commitment and promise “continuity and innovation”, we always look forward and substantiate this by intensive analysis and consequent result-oriented implementations. In this vein, WhyCom stands for continuity but also innovation,  first and formost, however, for trust. We see possibilities and solutions, before others discover the potential. We are pragmatic and roll up our sleeves. We come to the point, with clarity and without circling around. We bring together the best talents, globally and almost everywhere in our commodity map, in order to deliver the relevant solutions. Whatever we do, we never lose focus of our customers’ requirements and aims. We work intensively close with our customers and let them become the beneficiary of our wide experience, in order to make sure that our customer’s performance improves even further.


  • ”I am convinced, that we can only survive in this challenging and demanding commodity business, when our business model becomes a trusted brand! This implies that it is formatted by content and values, represents state-of-the-art technics and is open and eager to learn. Additionally, this implies that it closely follows the development of its competitors or even influences them. We need to successfully implant a sustainable impression, a picture, into the heads of our business-partners, which is firmly installed for reasons of trustworthiness and proven performance. Therefore we have focus on doing things right at the front end, in order to justify our expectations for a good and profitable result at the far end. Thereby, we have to take along and guide the well-educated and well trained young generation of employees, on a balanced journey into the future of our commodity.”

    Wolfgang Heinricy, CEO Whycom


WhyCom is a Management Consultancy & Project Execution Company

Wolfgang Heinricy is drawing from his international network of the best. In that vein, he is able to build congenial action teams to consult you with the identified problem and/or manage a specific project. Thus, WhyCom helps companies to achieve their full potential in a number of ways, working across the organization (integrated solutions) or within specific areas of performance (point solutions). With a team of global experts, WhyCom brings depth of experience in the following areas:

Business Model Innovation
Risk Management & Tool Box
Customer & Supplier Mapping
Quality Management & SCM Audits
Internal Statistics & Analysis
Product Quality Control
Investments & Acquisitions
Personal Scouting and Out-Placement
Sustainability (CSR) & Project Work
Advisory Services
  • ” What brought us here is still not enough! There is no doubt, that process orientation and compatibility with customers is indispensable. That CSR , sustainability and traceability is or will be parts of the genetically code, in order to retain our license -to-operate for the next 15 years. We have to own the ability to control and permanently optimize our value-chain. We have to be able to make controls inside our value-chain and be able to undertake audits of our partners. The decade of audits is around the corner. That implies that new, congenial teams will have to be built. First and foremost it implies that we are leading the innovation-process in our business sector in order to be able to provide attractive and improved products.”

    Wolfgang Heinricy, CEO Whycom


WhyCom offers a varity of different Consulting-Packages and manages your projects:

On every case, we look at the business from a chief executive’s perspective. We start by asking the right questions, and then dig deep into the numbers to unearth the right solutions. We don’t settle for off-the-shelf solutions, our approach and recommendations are highly customized. We help clients decide where they want to go, and how to get there.

And we don’t stop there. We make sure those decisions get translated quickly into action and that the client’s team can sustain the momentum into the future. We feel obliged, that all our customers are sustainable strengthened after we have finished our join efforts.


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Ceo Call

This Consulting Package includes the following WhyCom Services:

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Risk Management
  • Customer and Supplier Mapping
  • Quality Management and Audits
  • Internal Statistics and Analysis

Shareholder Call

This Consulting Package includes all WhyCom Services:

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Risk Management
  • Customer and Supplier Mapping
  • Quality Managment and Audits
  • Internal Statistics and Analysis
  • Personal Scouting and Outplacement
  • Investments and Acquisitions

Project Call

This Consulting Package includes the following WhyCom Services:

  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management and Audits
  • Advisory Services
  • Workshops
  • Presentations

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